TME Turfcare

Sports Turf Renovation and Maintainance

We offer a range of specialist turf maintainance services for sports clubs, recreation areas, equestrian venues etc.

  • Vertidrain deep tine aeration
  • Self loading bulk sand and top dressing
  • Solid tining and hollow coreing
  • Overseading and fertilizer spreading
  • Specialist grass cutting and scarifying
Solid tining of golf green


Deep tine aeration using our new HD 75 soil reliever to max depth of 16″


  • Aerates the soil
  • Breaks up compaction and allows better drainage
  • Encourages healthier and greener grass especially over winter
We offer a friendly, high quality service.

If you would like more details or just need some advice, please call us on 01276 855870 .